Custom Homes

Customizing a home with our local Surf Shack Builders’ Team  is an exciting process.
Learn more about customizing one of  our proprietary Surfshack Builders Plan homes, or let us work with you to create your new custom home design from scratch.

What does Custom Home Design really mean?

If you’re considering a custom home design, it’s first important to understand the different ways you, the buyer, can build a home.

Whether it’s a custom, semi-custom or fully custom design you and your builder or new home consultant will have significant input in the design. You will therefore spend more on consultation fees from draftspeople, building designers and potentially architects.

It’s important to note that the phrase ‘custom home design’ or ‘custom homes’ is complex, and means different things to different people.

This is because these days no one ever really starts from scratch, and for good reason. Reinventing the wheel is likely to lead to a home design that just doesn’t work, has wasted space and poor solar gain.

Most architects/designers and custom home builders have a series of frameworks and patterns that they work from, based on the brief and input you provide.

There are of course boutique architects/designers that will design you a truly unique, full custom home design. But for the everyday American family, this isn’t the reality.

Custom Home Built by Surfshack Builders

There is a Better Way.

At Surf Shack builders, our new home consultants will introduce you to the concept of a Surf Shack Builders Plan. This option gives you the proven functionality and practicality of an off the shelf plan, while allowing you some of the flexibility that comes with a custom home design.

Starting with a Surf Shack Builder Plan means choosing a home design and working with a new home consultant to tailor it to your needs (think lot size, position and shape) and tastes.

Why Choose the Surfshack Builder Plan?

Our custom homes have been carefully crafted, but they are also ready for you to personalize and tailor to your own taste, style and desires.

The Hard Work is Done

And the expensive work too… drafting, building design specs, arthitects, 3D Renderings.

Your Exterior Style

Whether you prefer a traditional, contemporary or a beachy facade, we’re got you covered.

Your Interior Style

Spend your hard earned dollars on choosing features, fittings and finishes, making it entirely your own!

Easier, Faster, More Affordable

The selection process is easier than starting from scratch, and it’s also more affordable.

Common New Build Terms

There’s a lot of jargon getting around, and you may have come across the terms spec home, standard plan and custom or semi custom home. There’s a lot of talk about the difference between these three approaches, and which one is best. At the end of the day, the avenue you choose will be based on your desired level of involvement with the design/build, budget and timeframe.

Spec Home

A home design pre chosen for a particular lot with limited or no customization or input on the buyer end. Spec homes can come as a House and Land Package or often as a completed product ready to move into.

Standard Plan

A home design chosen from a collection of Surf Shack Builders plans. It is a ‘tried and tested’ home design that is intended to be a robust, proven product. You may be allowed limited personalization e.g. choosing fixtures, fittings and colors. You will have little if any involvement in the design.

Custom or Semi-Custom Home

If you want to customize a standard plan, for example adding additional rooms, this would be called a custom or semi custom home. It all depends on how involved you get.

The term ‘custom homes’ can also be used to describe a home designed and built from scratch.

The Surfshack Builders Custom Homes Promise

  • Experience & Expertise

    We believe a Surf Shack Builder Plan is the best option for the majority of buyers, because you’re starting with a solid foundation. This is due to the amount of expertise that is required to deliver our home designs including collaboration with 3D designers & architects, as well as hundereds of hours of professional input to maximize space, light, usabiliy and buildability.

  • Inspiration

    Our professional team will work with you to browse through home designs and get ideas, an opportunity for you to be inspired, because sometimes it’s difficult to put your finger on what exactly you want in a home until you see options. We’re here to encourage, empower and excite you in choosing the elements that make your heart sing, making your dream home a reality!

  • Savings

    With a Surf Shack Builder Plan, we’ve already invested the time and the money on the most expensive aspecst of designing a buildable home that will appeal to a variety of houselhold sizes, locations, and tastes. So with the help of our designers, you can spend your hard earned dollars on choosing the fun stuff,  like features, fittings, finishes and facade!

When you think about it, every home is customized to some degree. When you’re choosing a home design from a catalogue or list, you’re still going to find ways to make it yours even if it’s as simple as choosing the color of the walls.

It’s completely up to you as to how much input you want. 

There are also select Surf Shack offices that will work with you on a new custom home design “from scratch”, if you’re looking for something truly 100% custom.

Customizing a home with your local Surf Shack Builders office is an exciting process!